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"Through the sessions with Steve and his encouragement I have become a better consultant. "

Erijo Oyisto
Consulting Manager

"Enrolling in Steve's coaching program was a game-changer for my career. Steve's exceptional coaching, professionalism, and deep understanding of the topics covered truly stood out. The program covered everything I needed to propel my career forward. One of the most valuable lessons for me was learning to define the best strategy for advancement and focusing on what truly matters. Steve helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, providing clarity on my next professional move. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to elevate their career and stay focused on their goals."

F. Cazares
VR Architect

"Working with Steve has been transformative beyond words. His guidance not only refocused my career but also enhanced my abilities as a listener, employee, and friend. Steve's insightful feedback and tools enabled me to navigate challenges with a fresh perspective. I initially expected Steve to solve all my problems, but what I gained was a deeper understanding of the importance of changing my own perspective and staying present in the moment. Thank you, Steve, for your invaluable support. You've helped me more than you know."

Dane Adams
Team Leader

"Discovering my purpose was the highlight of my journey with Steve's coaching program. His guidance not only prepared me for interviews but also led me to secure a position at PwC as a Senior Consultant with an increase in base salary. Utilizing Steve's interview tips and affirmations empowered me to take decisive actions and achieve my goals. Through setting SMART goals and practicing affirmations, I experienced a significant shift in both my lifestyle and mindset. Steve's coaching not only equips young professionals with invaluable career insights but also aids in soul-searching and discovering life's purpose, which is truly priceless. With Steve's support, every decision becomes clearer and more fulfilling. His guidance has been instrumental in helping me find my true path in life and navigate my career with confidence and purpose. "

J. Q.
Senior ERP Consultant

"Steve's learning platform is exceptionalā€”a concise and effective program for honing leadership skills and enhancing performance. Through his guidance, I've become more professional, adept at time management, and skilled at seeking and implementing feedback. The positive responses I've received from clients and peers speak volumes about the impact of Steve's coaching. He's not just a coach but also a mentor, always available to offer assistance and support whenever needed. Working with Steve has been invaluable in my journey towards becoming a better leader."

Dax Patel
ERP Solution Architect

"Steve's presentation content resonated deeply with me, addressing aspects of my life and career that were lacking. Before completing the program, I secured a new role as a Solution Architectā€”an achievement I once deemed unattainable. Steve's program instilled the confidence I needed to pursue this opportunity. Goal setting has become a cornerstone of my daily routine, and reciting affirmations boosts my confidence to face challenges head-on. Regular feedback and improvement are now integral parts of my professional journey. He's not only an exceptional teacher and coach but also a wonderful mentor who has propelled my career to new heights. I am forever grateful to Steve for helping me discover my true potential."

Ayoola Olaoye
Solution Architect

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